Thursday, October 1, 2009

When small things are cause for rejoicing

Remember the bridge player, Curtis Cheek, who while at the World Championships was struck with the H1N1 virus (swine flu)? (See here.)

The good news:
Curtis ate applesauce -- his first solid food in 17 days. Afterward, he told the nurse thank you. Always the gentleman, even in such a terrible situation.

Curtis was able to pee. Afterwards, the nurse game him a "thumbs up" sign. Don't laugh. Small things are sometimes big things.

Curtis is able to go longer stretches without morphine.

The Speech Therapist came and checked his throat. He told her it didnt' hurt. That's a good sign after all the tubes that had been in for so long.

Curtis showed his sense of humor: His mother told him she would trade places with him if she could, and he replied that he thought that was a great idea! LOL, he's living up to his name: Cheek(y).

Other news:
His arms and legs are still restrained with velcro straps. Curtis doesn't understand why he can't just get up and walk out.

He has been on a dialysis machine. The doctors are going to do kidney function tests to see if he can be removed. If so, that's another good sign.

He's not on oxygen. His blood pressure varies, but is basically good.

Just a note:
Curtis has touched so many lives. This puny blog usually gets between 30 and 50 hits each day (a hit is one person who comes to see what's been posted). The first day I wrote about Curtis, more than 200 came! I don't give a damn about hits, but I surely hope I'll be able to post some more good news about Curtis.


  1. Looks like I can leave a comment now. Great news on Curtis!
    In addition to this blog see also the Facebook page Praying for Curtis Cheek

  2. That is great news, Mojo! So glad he is recovering!