Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poker pearl #33

Mike Sexton was recently selected to the Poker Hall of Fame. He is a good player (two bracelets), but is better known for other things. He, along with Vince Van Patton, was the voice of the World Poker Tour. About the time poker exploded, he was on TV each week, and did a good job. Now, I watch poker on TV when I think about it. Back then, I never missed, and if I couldn't watch, I recorded it.

Sexton was also one of the main players in Party Poker surging to the top of online poker sites. He met with the PP programmers and guided them in the software development.

Sexton is also a bridge player and a member of the ACBL. He doesn't play anymore, but still pays his dues. I like to think it's so he can get the magazine each month, lol.

Image is a scan of the latest Card Player magazine.


  1. They'd be better off hiring him to do the WSOP commentary, than the two idiots they have now with their cheesy jokes. I love the WPT - they make poker exciting. How is anyone supposed to take the WSOP seriously, when the commentators treat it like a joke?

  2. He was also a college gymnast and a paratrooper.
    "Vince, he is going to make the call!!!"

  3. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Dave!