Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy holidays

Here's a holiday present for bridge players:

K 6
7 6 4
J 10 6 2
Q 10 9 5
Q J 10 9 7 3 8 5 4 2
2 9 5 3
9 7 3 K 8 4
K 8 2 7 6 4
A K Q J 10 8
A Q 5
A J 3

You are declarer in 6 after West opened 2. West leads the Q and you win the ace and draw trumps in three rounds.

You continue with the A and then the queen, but East notices West's count signal and ducks. The contract can no longer be made. East wins the third round of diamonds and exit with a club, leaving you a trick short when the club finesse loses.

Just then, Santa Claus came down the chimney.

"Ho ho ho. I'm giving you an 'undo' for your holiday present," says Santa. "You get to start over."

You win the spade lead, draw trumps as before, then stop to think. This time, instead of the A, you lead the Q. East must duck or you can win two spades, six hearts, three diamonds and one club for 12 tricks.

Next you play the J, giving West a version of East's dilemma on the previous trick. When West plays low, you overtake with the Q, discard a club on the K, and then finesse East for the K.

As you score up 6, you hear "Ho ho ho, and a Merry Christmas to all," as Santa flies away in his sleigh.


  1. you have presented a holiday treat for bridge players. I like your new banner photo. Happy Holidays!

  2. Great, classic hand Mojo. Thanks for following my writing this year and leaving notes and comments of encouragement.

    BTW, curious hand. Both declarer and dummy have the club queen, just a quickie fix.

    Best for 2010


  3. Merry Xmas!

    Have no idea what this post means, but it must be good.

    Love the header photo.

  4. @Ross: thx for the typo catch.

    To all who commented, thanks.