Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Six left, two weeks to go

With two weeks left in the season, only six of the original 43 poker bloggers are left in the NFL Eliminator series. Last Sunday, three players picked Denver and were disappointed when Oakland upset them. That eliminated CK, PinkyStinky and lightning36.

I picked Arizona for this coming week. They are playing at home against the hapless St. Louis rams. Las Vegas wise guys make them a 14-point favorite, so obviously I like that.

There's no money involved, but with poker bloggers, it's always about bragging rights. Everyone wants to show they're a playa.


  1. Stupid Raiders. I think it was Luckbox who said that the Raiders probably single-handedly killed more suicide pool entries than any other team this year.

  2. Football analysis for me is like dancing for you.

  3. I agree with ck. I thought I was good with the Broncos at home. Thought about switching to the Texans, but I thought that was too risky.

    And yes, I am very unhappy about not still being alive. Being the competitive guy I am, I wanted to win this sucker just to win. Dang.