Friday, January 1, 2010

How I spent my New Year's eve

I went to the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica to play poker last night. These hot chicks were chasing me around. It was disgusting, actually, but I was in the mood for poker so I turned them down flat. I can get hotties like these anytime.

I played in the 7 p.m. tournament. The buyin was $110 and we started with 5,000 in chip$. Most of the time I was card dead -- A-Q was my best hand and I lost money on it. By folding a lot and stealing when I had position, I made the final table as one of the two short stacks. There, an older guy raised to 1500. I had A-Q off (again) in the big blind and around $4000. I called, then shoved on the flop of K-K-8. He wasn't falling for a stop-and-go. His hole cards were 8-8 and he had flopped a boat. Haha, oh well.

After that I got on the list for the Omaha-8 game. I played $4/8 limit while waiting. When my name was called I had $100 in chips, so didn't buy in for more. Early on I scooped two hands in a row. Everything I played I hit it or completely whiffed, so that I knew to get out. Later I scooped two more hands in a row. Cashed out for $400. Lots of fun when it goes like that -- good way to start the new year.

Men had New Year's eve hats that the casino was giving out and women had feather things. Most people had beads. I haven't seen the beads thing before -- maybe they got it mixed up with Mardi Gras. At midnight there was complimentary champagne.

Here's a shot of the casino I took on the way out:

Images were taken with my P&S -- the first one by a lady who was standing nearby.


  1. No wonder you had trouble with the tournament - I'm not sure where your left hand was or what it was doing, but the look on your face might lead one to suspect.

  2. MOJO, you have to relax. You look stiff.

    My Eve was much different. Solitary confinement, 1 degree below zero, and a bottle of wine. You know how to do it.

  3. Yeah, loosen up. Just picture them in their underwear. Oh, wait...

    HNY Buddy. And congrats on the O8.

  4. Regarding your getting "hotties" anytime: Yeah, right!

    Heh. Heh. You look rather good between them, though; like that's where you should be!

    I'm back off and on as time allows and I want to thank you for your kind comments and sentiments!

    May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, MOJO!

  5. A P.S. Comment:

    You might poke around just a little before making a judgment.

    The MS sites are a bit confusing. Look for tabs - blog; space or photos.

    See Profile for info. Not all tabs are available from the Home tab.

  6. you do have a sense of humor :) great photo. Happy New Year and I wish you many good photos in 2010! And I wish you great poker also!

  7. Happy New Year MoJo. And great call on playing poker instead of hitting the hotties.. LOL

  8. Happy new year! Nice start, but I am not so sure you have your priorities straight, heh.

  9. How come you didn't bring them around when I came to Memphis?

  10. Haha, Mojo! Love the pic! Glad to hear the new year is off to a great start, my friend! :)