Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love snapping off A-A when they slow play

Playing in a cheap $6 tournament with 1017 runners, there were a bunch of limpers to me in the small blind at the 10/20 level. I had 9 7. For 10 bucks more, I might get somebody's stack -- why not?

I flopped the joint and bozo with A-A went broke. If you limp with aces, you don't get any sympathy from me (in most cases).


  1. You have it right. Sloplay big pair leads to disaster 60% of the time.
    Can't tell DW about this; she will want to tour Memphis.

    Sister-in-law is not doing well, MOJO. Not the best recovery. Another of the 6 sisters may have to take her in. We had the DMIL for 7 years. Another's turn.

  2. BTW, you probably follow this, but buddy bastin did outstanding in the plo bloggers' tournament.

  3. I saw he did. Great job! I found him and went to his table...lightning36 was also there! He's still in with five left.

  4. Lighting36 is now 2nd out of 1634. I don't know him/her, but seems like you and bastin do, so, a hero. Amazing. 36 of 1634.

  5. I don't know lightning36, but he is now #3 of 1634.