Saturday, January 23, 2010

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I played in the WSOP Circuit Event at Harrah's (see above) today without any success. I was never able to play a big pot with a big hand. Twice I raised 3X the BB, only to have to fold to an all-in bet. Both times I had suited A-Q and was afraid of being up against A-K. Once the villain showed: A-A !

I was finally all in with two pair and the other guy had a flush draw which got there. Stuff happens. The big chip leader at my table (he busted me and two others) was hopeless. He kept betting out of turn and was mostly clueless.

There were 800 runners. Actually I think there were more. They cut it off at 800 and then shuffled in alternates as players busted out. This nice turnout is a good sign that poker is alive and well.

Above is a marquee-type sign near where the tournament was held.

Above is a shot of the main playing area. Sixteen tables spilled over to the regular poker room and out in the hallway.

After I busted out, I wanted to play, but the waiting lists were deep. I saw a friend, Glenn, who played last night. He sat down with $200 and cashed out for $1250. The games are wild and woolly when there is a tournament in town. All sorts of crazies show up.

Heard this: A guy was playing with headphones. Another guy was being a jerk about it, said he was slowing down the game, etc. The poker people didn't want to tell him he couldn't wear headphones, heck, half the players in there wear them.

When the headphones guy went to the bathroom, the jerk took his headphones and put them in the trash can! They guy came back, found out what happened, but didn't say a word. He went over to where you cash in your chips (right next to the poker room), gave them $10 and asked for a roll of quarters.

He went back in the poker room, put the roll in his fist, and started pounding the jerk. Then, cool as could be, he walked out of Harrah's and, on the way, said to the security guard: "You should call security. There's a disturbance in the poker room" and waltzed out the door.



  1. AQ is known as the hand the pros hate to commit to, according to my second Negreanu book, reading now. However, I have lost some respect for his writing, since the second book has areas that contradict the first one.

    At any rate, MOJO, you do a great job getting in there and mixing it up. I wouldn't want to play against you expecting to win!

  2. Note to self: Take roll of quarters to LV in March. Wow. Wooley is an understatement.

  3. Better luck next time, Mojo. Although I am not a fan of headphones at the table, I loved the story.

  4. First of all, I really enjoyed the photos...hard to imagine that many poker players together in one spot...but the story about the headphones is a riot!

    You could write that up as a short story and sell it to a poker magazine!

  5. Wow..loved the fight story. Crazy stuff! Sorry I am so behind on my blog reading/writing..will try to catch up! :)