Thursday, January 7, 2010

New ACBL HQ to open this spring

As most bridge players know, the ACBL sold its office building on 2990 Airways Boulevard in Memphis. We're moving six miles south to Horn Lake MS (Memphis is situated right on the Mississippi state line). The building we're moving to was finished on the outside, but not on the inside. Two doctors were building it to be a medical complex, but for some reason it fell through. ACBL got a great deal on it.

Yesterday morning, I stopped by there on my way to work and took some photos so you can see how it's coming along.

The workmen in the photo below are connecting the heating and A/C ducts:

The front half of the building will be offices and they are framed in already. The back half (part of which is shown below) will be open with cubicles:

See the power lines below? They are about to go. Part of the ACBL's agreement with the city of Horn Lake MS was that these were to be moved underground. We want our office to be beautiful, right?

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. So you'll have to leave earlier to go through the security check crossing the state line?

    I remember AZ had a check to keep fruit from continuing west. I imagine MS is protecting their children from decadent Memphis BBQ and records in a similar fashion.

  2. Given masterpoint inflation, where are they storing them all - is there a warehouse in the back?

  3. That's going to be a nice place! I'm sure you are greatful for the move away from Airways...rough part of town.

  4. Nice place. When do they estimate occupancy, is it going to be electronic, servers, quasi-museum, what what.

  5. @KenP: They let the BBQ through -- Memphis BB, do I need to say more?

    @Glen: We had depots at regional tournaments in the KO Teams section and also with the online sites -- their depots don't fill up because they keep giving them away so fast.

    @Jusdealem: Yeah, it's nice. If you go WEst on Goodman Road, cross I55, then teak your first left (it's called Interstate Road or something like that) and go two or three blocks, there it is. We're excited.

    @TenMile: Supposed to open in April, although you know how those things go. It's an office building, but will house our museum and Hall of Fame. A section will be a quasi-warehouse as well.

  6. Oh ok, I know where that is. There used to be a discount home decor warehouse back in there several years ago..I loved that place, but it closed.

  7. How fortunate to find such a deal on such a beautiful building. I'm out of the loop here, but are you one of the top guns of this outfit?

  8. What a nice place to work in, you lucky sod.

    The power lines will be underground? Good. Now that I'm taking pictures, I've noticed the horrendous power lines in Vegas everywhere, even along the Strip. Wonder why you never see photos of Vegas with the mountains in the background? Power lines.