Monday, January 25, 2010

WBCOOP Event #1 is in the books

The first WBCOOP event on Poker Stars is over. It was a lot of fun to finish 73rd out of 1740 runners. Obviously with that many players, you have to have some luck.

My favorite hand was this one:

Because I checked the flop, he assumed I had high cards and tried to take it away from me. Besides getting him all in, which was the goal, it sends a message not to frack with me -- just because I check doesn't give him a license to steal.

This one was blind vs. blind. I believe I got the most out of him by how I bet it:

I made the reviled min-raise (something I did several times, actually) from 1200 to 2400 and he called. I bet 2400 on the flop (when I had him crushed), checked the turn (when he was drawing dead) Then I bet 3600 on the river. By then he was hoping I was bluffing or we were chopping and made a crying call. That ended up being an 18,000 pot!

Joxum participated and made the money. Bastin also entered and finished 177th. I haven't seen a list, but other bloggers entered (I believe JoulesDiver and I'm not sure about others.) If you played, let me know via a comment.

UPDATE: Ross Taylor (who is also a bridge player) played, too. He never gained traction, and came in around 450th. Poker Blogger lightning36 entered late, but managed a 574th finish.


  1. Great job. I may have to try this. I told DW about your finish and I think it made her hot.

  2. I told DW about your finish and I think it made her hot.

    ROFLMAO, you're too funny. Tell her "hi" for me and that I'm hoping her sister is getting better.

    Go ahead and play, it's fun.

  3. Yeah, that dang bastin had me talked into playing only ring. Now, just as I get up to the 'poor/fair' category, I will have to relearn things for tournament!

  4. Hey big guy - I was there too - could not get over the average size stack and when there were around 450 players left I tried a flat out bluff (looking at a scary board - I had A10o and board was 334) on the big stack on my left who it turned out had flopped the nuts - a full house ! He had begun with 44 - he just flat called me too which was cool and put me all in after the turn.


    Ross Taylor

  5. I hate the starting time. I was at work and had an appointment that lasted through the first half hour. By the time I got to the table, a few guys had huge stacks. I busted out 574.

  6. nice work. big slick was my downfall. third time i had it, i was brought down on the turn by a k high straight. will try to play tonight's event. awful start time - have to pick up my pups early so i can start on time.

  7. Good Job David. I said hi to you in the chat box early on but figured you missed it. I was out in the first 22 minute range. ATo vs A3o..

  8. Thanks to all who left comments. I plan to play again Wednesday and maybe on Thursday. I have to leave work 1.5 hours early (same as lightning36) to play (starts at 4 p.m. Central Time). Tonight is PLO omaha, a game I don't really know how to play, so likely won't take time off from work.

    @Bastinptc: lol

    @Tycou: you mentioned pups before and I was never sure if you mean like dogs or were calling your young children that -- but I guess you mean pup pups, right?

    @DiverJoules: Sorry I missed your comment, everybody loves support. Better luck in the next one.

    @Joxum: nice run to you, too, sir.

  9. @Mojo - pups = my kids. just trying to stay true to my online moniker - you know, tycou poker dogg