Friday, February 12, 2010

An opportunity - should I do this?

I got the below in my hotmail account today -- a chance to get my hands on $16 million. I assume he'll want my bank account information next so he transfer the money to me. Should I do it?

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a profitable business proposal in my bank, that I want to transact with you for investment purpose. I am seeking your partnership/assistancein this business transaction to transfer the below fund to your country. The amount of money involved in this transaction is US$16,100,000.00. If you are interested get back at me with the listed information below for more details:
Name: ______
Address: _____
Phone No: _____
Sex: _____
Country: ______
Occupation: _____
Mr. Kuo Jiann-Jong


  1. Go for it. What have you got to lose? Seems totally above board.

  2. Seems totally legit.

    Kidding aside, I recently watched an episode of Intervention where a guy addicted to Percs or Vic got caught up in the Nigerian scam as well and lost over $600,000. Sad affair.

    So, while we laugh at these emails and instantly delete them all it takes is one sucker/victim.

  3. Well, I'd want some assurance. Send it to me and I'll act ask your escrow agent. No point dumping it overseas when you can contribute to the home economy.

  4. Dear Mojo, tx for your comment to one of my Devil Dictionary posts. It's nice to know someone out there likes them. As for that email I would like to ram every one the scammer has ever sent out... right down his throat until he chokes. We get plenty of these over here but their English is so appalling, not to mention the absurdity of the amount of money involved....and why the bloody hell have you've been selected...clearly makes the whole scam the most pathetic and ludicrous one ever perpetrated. These bloody Nigerians are complete tossers. Yours always here for advice Howard Bigot Johnson