Monday, February 1, 2010

Poker pearl #34

(Above) A scan of the cover of the February issue of Poker Pro.

Do you wear headphones at the poker table? If you do, this might make you think twice. In his "From the Editor" section, John Wenzel told about this:

At the WPT's Brunson Classic at Belagio (Las Vegas), the tournament was on the bubble. John Juanda moved all in from the button, verbalizing his bet without moving his chips out. This is common practice when you have a lot of chips. The dealer called out the all-in, as he is supposed to do. The next player to act was Chad Batista who was wearing headphones.

Small blind Batista (who didn't realize anyone else was in the pot) eyed Scotty Nguyen's stack in the big blind, and announced "All in."

The tournament director was called, and (surprise, surprise) ruled verbal declarations are binding.

Nguyen was happy to call as well, and turned over A-A. Juanda had A-6 and Batista had 2-2. Nguyen's hand held up.

(Post Script) When Batista went all in, Nguen realized what had happened and began laughing at him. He and a visibly upset Batista traded words. The goof left Batista short-stacked and he busted soon after.


  1. Tough to say which is worse: Drizz's hearing problem (passed) or CantHangs color blindness.

  2. Don't understand players who wear headphones - so much information lost. That'll teach him.

    Stu Ungar played like the Internet young Turks of today - he'd fire a first, second and third barrel on a total bluff. If you don't have the absolute nuts, you're likely to fold. It's the "my balls are bigger than yours" style of poker.

  3. I would think that headphones would be illegal, especially with all the "wireless" info floating out there in cyberspace...

    But, heck, what do I know?