Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poker pearl #35

Antanas "Tony G" Guoga was interviewed in the Jan. 27 issue of Card Player magazine (see scan of cover above). He was asked about the high-stakes online games on Full tilt and who were the best players.

It was Isildurl, Viktor Blom until a little while ago, but ... he seems to be broke. It looks like Brian Hasting now is the best guy. Tom Dwan has been a great player ... but he's got to recover from the beating he took. Obviously Phil Ivey is great player. he has unbelievable ability, but he's got that nature of gamble. He wants to gamble all the time. I guess Tom does the same thing. It's interesting. Everyone wants to play the highest they can and see if they can go broke. That gives people the biggest thrill. That's the fascination aspect of it.


  1. I saw the Delta Gold Poker Classic is at the Gold Strike Feb 25 - Mar 8. Have you ever played in this? Worth checking out?

  2. @lightning: I don't know if I've played in it or not, but I bet it's a nice tournament. Come on down and we can donk around.

  3. I love watching Poker After Dark, when Tom Dwan raises $3500 with 78o on the button, Phil Ivey re-raises $10,000 with 97s, Dwan re-raises $20,000, Ivey goes to $50,000 and Dwan folds.
    The young Internet Turks are wild.I think you can only play well when the money in front of you means nothing. If you'd hate to lose it, you're crippled.