Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Behind the scenes

These two semi-trailers were parked outside the new ACBL Headquarters last week. On Thursday, they were gone. No, they were not involved in our move. So then, why were they there?

The North American Bridge Championship (called NABC) gets under way later this week in Reno NV. The league sends a massive amount of supplies and equipment -- 21 tons! These semis are used to haul supplies from the ACBL warehouse (in Horn Lake MS) to Reno.

Here are some numbers:

* 1000 card tables
* 3600 bidding boxes
* 2000 decks of cards
* 19 pounds of rubber bands

There are also pencils, entry slips, computers, printers, and the list goes on. What about chairs? The host hotel (the Grand Sierra Resort) provides those.

The trucks arrive in Reno several days early so ACBL staffers can unload and set up.

An ACBL staff member loads one of the trucks. Shown on the forklift (above) are 60 card tables.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S. Click on either to enlarge.

Here's an update on the ACBL headquarters move. There's a problem with the phone company getting things set up for internet and phone service, so the move is delayed. No new date, but it could be up to one month.


  1. Thanks for the quote pimpage, Mojo!

  2. I guess everyone has to park somewhere. It's like our Walmart parking lots where RV drivers pull in to spend the night.

  3. 19 lbs of rubber bands? I don't dare to ask what for.