Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'll take the fifth

I played in the Delta Gold Poker Tournament Saturday at the Gold Strike Casino. This was Event #16 and 195 runners signed up to play. We started with 8000 in chips with 40-minute blind levels.

I made the final table, and, when the smoke had cleared, I finished 5th. Several readers have been supportive in previous comments (Wolynski, Crash, bastin, Luchpher, Thane.) writing that I'd eventually win one of these things. I really thought this would be it. I had a slightly above average stack when we were down to 10 and felt confident.

An interesting thing happened that I don't believe I've seen. At the final table, almost everyone had the same stack size. Normally, there are two or three that are just hanging on, and two or three large stacks. Because we all had about the same, everyone was playing super-tight. Finally someone suggested a chop: All 10 of us would get $3000. Then we would play and first place would get an extra $4200 and the trophy (which was a very nice crystal thing - see photo below).

All agreed on the chop, and this loosened things up. One by one they dropped. When we were five-handed, it slowed down like before. Again, we all had about the same amount of chips. Unfortunately, I went card dead -- 9-2, 7-3, J-4, etc. and my stack dribbled down. Finally, I was all in with Q-10 (10 on the board), but the villain had A-J and an ace came, too.

I'm too tired to recap the deals, but needless to say, it was exciting.

Above is what the shot clock looked like when I busted out.

This is the trophy I was playing for.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. Aw, well. Only three thousand. Maybe next time.

    ::)) Good showing, man. Congrats.

  2. Nice! Very nice! W-2G (or whatever they call em) land.

    So, in the eyes of the IRS, you are now a pro. Bastin is working on an autograph deal for you at the next cards show. He priced a table in the hallway to the Amazon room and that was a bit too pricey.

  3. Congrats!

    I think if I'd had the skill to reach that final table and talk of a ten-way chop came up, I'd be the lone dissenter.

    And probably come tenth.

  4. @KenP: Yeah, I probably need an agent now, haha

    @Yakshi: I never know what to do when a deal is suggested. Notice in the photo where they have the payouts, I would have gotten $2270 for fifth, so 3000 turned out to be a good deal for me. Still...

  5. 5th ain't bad. That trophy would have been nice, though. Next time!
    I mean, some things you just can't control...

    Thanks for your comment on Ocala DP - very funny!

  6. I suppose it is easy to say, sitting from my seat, but when you finish that high up, there is nothing to feel bad about. And you do it so much. I do feel you will hit #1. As you said once, when playing those last few seats, it is mostly a crap shoot.

  7. Nice Payday!! Congrats. What was the buyin??? nice Trophy

  8. Getting closer to that first prize!

    Btw: The trophy wasn't very nice anyway, so you're better off waiting for some big mofo metal multilayered thing...


  9. Congrats man. You're getting closer. It'll get there. Pokered out but had to check your blog before I shut down for the night.

  10. Wow -- great job, Mojo! Maybe I should have gone to Memphis instead of Hammond.

    I am surprised that you got ten people to agree to a chop. Since you were guaranteed better than fifth place money with the chop this seemed to be a good deal. I might have suggested a little more for second place.

    Congratulations. I am very happy for you. I'm sure your success will continue.

  11. Congrats on a nice cash! This could be your year. I would not be surprised at all if you do win one this year or at least make another deep run. Well played, sir!

  12. Well done double M!
    Well done indeed.