Monday, April 12, 2010

A dream comes true

The Gold Strike Casino (see image above) has a freeroll on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. There's only $500 involved and it's divided between the top three players. There were 67 who signed up, so bad odds, but I decided to play anyway.

The starting chip stacks were $3000 and blind levels were 15 minutes. It quickly became a shove-fest, but, hey, the price was right.

During the second level, the blinds were 50/100 and I had chipped up to 3800. I raised to 450 and the villain was looking at: Q J, and called. It's a loose call, but you have to get chips quickly or you'll be left behind, so I don't think it's terrible given the uber-turbo nature of this particular game.

The flop was: J 10 10. I checked and the villain bet 700. I check-raised to 1500 and he called. The turn was the 4. I bet 800 and the villain moved all in!

That was all right by me. My hand: 10 10.

It's not very often you flop quads and the other guy puts you all in -- a dream come true and all that.

I'd like to say that propelled me to the win, but actually I busted out around level 6. Afterwards, my thought was: "I'm not going to play in this dumb tournament again," but maybe I will. It's a good chance to try different strategies and approaches.

Image taken with my P&S at 7:55 p.m. last night (notice the sky is still quite blue for so late in the evening).


  1. Gorgeous photograph, MOJO. Sorry you busted out. Maybe you should have taken a shower first! ;-))

  2. Wow - flopping quads - you busted out, but at least it was a free roll!

    You available Wed night?

  3. Ahhh Quads and being forced to call an all-in. Does it get any better? Well yea I suppose if it is the final hand of the tourney. Great job anyway.

  4. Yes, nothing better than that hand, unless it was later in the tourney. And yes, again, for the brilliant blue.

  5. Great photo.

    Just read Mike Caro's latest column in Bluff - he thinks all these casino tournaments are killing the game of poker and he's right.

    If you're a low stakes player the ONLY money you'll ever make is in cash games. If the quad hand came up in a cash game, you'd be going home with a tidy profit.

    I don't understand tournaments.

  6. Tournaments, at least, solve Yakshi's problem of the Chinese Short Stackers! I don't play tournaments much either. When I lose, I do it right, in cash games.

  7. Nice hand. You gotta love it flopping quads

  8. Hey, I turn my head away for a minute and you go and win a live tourney!

    Nice job, Dave!


  9. oof, wtf - no win. Too fast for my own good. slightly red faced.

    Why don't they have delete buttons here...