Friday, April 16, 2010

Move continues - so far, so good

The move of ACBL Headquarters from Memphis TN to Horn Lake MS continues. They don't call this a moving van -- it's called a relocation van. The worker on the right looks like he is pushing up, but he's actually trying to keep the load from coming down too fast.

From the road, you can see this attractive sign (above) and our new building in the background.

Before, most of us had offices. Now, most of us have cubicles. Above is mine.

The image you see is in one of the conference rooms. On the upper left is Edgar Kaplan. The lower-right is Oswalt Jacoby. Can you recognize some of the others? Canadians should have no trouble with the upper-righthand image.

The middle-bottom image has Alvin Landy on the left and someone very famous on the right. Do you recognize him? Here's a clue: He was the 33rd president of the United States (and yes, he was a bridge player).


  1. Cubicles, eh?

    Well, when you see Dilbert, say "Hey!" for me. And get a haircut. Your sides are starting to poof out.

  2. So which would you office or a cubicle? There's probably more interaction between people in cubicles than people in offices. If that's a good thing...

    Your cubicle looks rather nice, though.

  3. I am amazed that there are hero's of bridge. :P. Your cubical look fairly sectioned off so not sooo bad.

  4. I think I can see Al Franken in there. And who is that guy in the spiffy uniform?