Sunday, April 11, 2010

poker pearl #41

In the latest issue of Card Player magazine (see scan above), Darvin Moon, the runner-up in the WSOP Main Event last November, was interviewed.

He was asked (now that he has watched the final table on TV) did he have any regrets about his play.

"No, I never regretted anything. Everything right down to heads up, I wanted to do. I wanted to double up one of the short stacks early to make them all think I was playing loose.

"Unfortunately, I doubled up Saout, and he was the most solid player at that table the whole day."

Um, let's get this straight: He says he planned to double up another player!

I call BS on that one. What do you think?


  1. The man also told his wife he folded queens . . .

  2. A couple of bloggers have defended that as a valid tac - and a pro (dont remember) has written he has used it.

    Whether this person did before hand - who knows?

  3. Big price to pay to get your rep out, right? But CK brings up a good point: Why did he lie to his wife?

  4. Why did he lie to his wife?

    Oh, he has an answer for that, too. He claims that it would be on TV and some spy would text one of the players with the (mis)information.


  5. I genuinely believe he wanted to distribute chips. He's mentioned that several times in several different ways on the media circuit. It may be a horribly flawed strategy, but that's what he wanted to do. This is, after all, a guy who called it all off with QJs.

  6. He got as far as he did quite a bit because of short-term luck rather than strategy. Until very close to the end.

  7. Darvin Moon is why poker is so popular - even a mediocrity can get lucky. But at least he was an aggressive mediocrity, so he was doing something right.

  8. I Like Darvin but that quote is a little out there to say the least