Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poker pearl #43

The May issue of Bluff magazine (see scan above) reported this from a WSOP Circuit event at Harrah's Rincon, just outside of San Diego. There were 599 runners who paid $230 to play in the opening event.

Apparently the 55th place finisher took a bad beat and got pissed off. How do we know? On the official results, the 55th place finisher is listed as "Got mad and ran out." No name. Evidently he didn't want to stick around to collect his $476.


  1. Must have been some bad beat not to collect his payout. Wow

  2. I think that was me. Have them forward me the check, please.

  3. Isn't it funny how sometimes people do things which are clearly against their own best interests?

    Reminds me of a "militia" rally held in a national park in Virginia the other day...the "patriots" came carrying weapons openly to protest Obama's totalitarianism (what they perceived as his attempt to take away their "rights").

    Ignorance ruled. They were able to carry weapons into the park because Obama signed the law authorizing such actions!

    Talk about irony!

  4. that was classic. I hope Lightining gets his dough.

  5. Yeh good luck collecting lightning