Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How many points for slam?

Conventional wisdom says that it takes around 33-34 points to make a small slam. Of course, distribution and plenty of trumps can make a difference. Playing online last night, Kate and I bid to 6 with a combined 22 high-card points:

Q 10 9 7 6 2
A 10
Q 10 6 3
J 3 ---
K 8 7 5 A Q J 10 9 3
K 9 7 6 3 2 Q J 8 5
9 J 4 2
A K 8 5 4
6 2
A K 8 7 5

West MOJO East Kate
Pass 4 Dbl 4NT
Pass 5 Pass 6
All Pass

I suppose the auction could have been improved if Kate had bid 5, asking for the queen of trumps.

West led a heart to the ace. After that, there was nothing to the play.

Making plus 980 was worth 8.74 IMPs. The board was played 67 times and 10 pairs bid slam. One pair was doubled in 5, making six, and a score of plus 750 for (only) a 4.47-IMP pickup. Can you say striped-tail ape double? *

You can see all the results, if you click here.

* Striped-tail ape double is a double of a laydown contract made in hope of dissuading the opponents from successfully bidding to a higher, more rewarding contract. The doubler must be prepared to run (like the cowardly ape) to an escape suit if the opponents redouble.


  1. And I thought striped tail apes were found on some island in the South Pacific. Sheesh!

    From the outside looking in, Bridge sounds mighty complicated. Or, maybe it's my mind? ;-)

  2. Hi Mojo! I have no idea what these bridge posts are about, but looking forward to kicking your butt in the charity event tonight. :)

  3. The other day, my partner doubled 5C, which made two overtricks. We could have held it to one overtrick. The funny thing, though, was that our opponents at the other table took the bloodbath sac at 5S, such that we won IMP's. So, a striped-tailed ape, sacrifice-inhibiting double?