Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You can e-mail anything, even gems

Besides being a bridge player, Australian Tim Bourke is a well-known author of books and a contributor to various publications. He is thought to own the largest collection of bridge books in the world.

When a co-worker here in the office received an e-mail from Tim, it included this jewel:

A J 7 5 4
A Q J 4
A 2
J 9
K Q 10 9 6 2 3
6 10 9 5
Q 8 4 J 9 7 6 3
Q 3 2 10 7 5 4
K 8 7 3 2
K 10 5
A K 8 6

Against 7, West led the 6. Declarer cashed the A K and played a spade to the ace. Declarer continued with a low spade from dummy.

If East ruffs, South can overruff and play for a traditional double squeeze.

If East discards a club, South can ruff a club, ruff a diamond, cash dummy's remaining high trump, ruff a spade, draw trumps and claim.

So, East does best to discard a diamond. Declarer ruffs a club, ruffs a spade and plays a trump to the queen to leave:

J 7
A 2
K 10 ---
--- 10
Q 8 4 J 9 7
--- 10
K 10 5

A spade from dummy squeezes East in three suits, including trumps. On a diamond discard, West is subsequently squeezed in the pointed suits. A club discard sets up the 8, so the best play is the 10.

Declarer overruffs, crosses to the A and the J executes a standard double squeeze.

Advanced readers probably know about a material squeeze and a non-material squeeze that you can read about here. Tim has a sense of humor. He says perhaps this one is an Immaterial Squeeze!


  1. Heya Mojo! I've never commented on a Bridge post of yours before, so today's the day!

    It's obvious that East has an antipositional Alcatraz coup that is Declarative-Interrogative. South's Doubleton with an Escape Suit should discard the Forcing bid, but will probably notrump, causing West and North to confess their long term adulterous relationship, leaving South to wonder how she never saw this coming.

    East declares Uno and wins with a sneakily played wild card.

    This game is SO easy.

  2. I would probably be the spade from dummy!

    Re the Veranda Gallery...I've not eaten there but Lois's just open for lunch...I do believe they have pastries. But their food doth appear to be a bit overpriced.

    'Course Lois is a vegetarian so her menu options are limited.