Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karma is a bitch

I played at a tournament at the Horseshoe Casino last night. There were 40 runners and the entry was $110.

With 40 players, they play five places. When we were down to six of us, someone suggested that we save $110 for the bubble boy. It's disheartening to play all night and then not even get your money back.

Everyone agreed but one guy. Guess who busted out sixth? Yes! The guy who wouldn't agree donked away his big stack and got nothing for his four and one-half hours of playing.

Don't you think he had it coming?

Photo by MOJO (that's me) and taken with my P&S last Sunday.


  1. Things can get strange when you start talking $$$$.

    I'm always willing to discount current equity. Your example explains why.

  2. yeah, what Crash said.

    He definitely gets the big dummy award.

  3. Love it. Was watch a Stars tourney a couple years ago, one of their million type deals and they started talking chop and one guy, a big stack wouldn't agree unless they gave him an extra $25K so he screwed the whole deal. Few hands later he gets creamed in a boat over boat situation and now he's talking chop and the big stack said no way. He goes out a few hands later and big stack tells the other 4-5 guys that now he'll discuss a chop if they wish. Being greedy for the extra $25K cost the guy about $150K. Doesn't pay

    Most of the AC tourneys I play pay 8-9 people so the final table usually always kicks in so that the guy or two that don't cash get something. I always kick in, if I cash it's a couple bucks less, if I don't I got my money back. It's worth it.

  4. Thanks for the coments. After the guy busted, we played a few hands, someone said let's chop and everyone said ok. Nice payday for all.

    Why? I had the 3rd largest stack, and my M was less than 5. Every hand was decided preflop, and with a shove. Where's the poker?

  5. i love the poetic justice... Good story.

  6. Congrats on the cash Dave. And I love it when karma kicks the dicks.. ooops did I say that.. ;-)

  7. Haha, yes he had it coming! Congrats to you on the cash!

  8. What goes around comes around. Sometimes.