Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poker pearl #50

In the June 30 issue of Card Player magazine (see scan above), Alan Schoonmaker was asked:

Question: Losing streaks make me feel like a big failure. How can I overcome this feeling?

Answer: (paraphrased)

1. If you can't accept poker as it is, including all of its frustrations, don't play.

2. Poker is a game, not your life. One way to deal with it is to have many outside activities. Successes in some will overcome your negative feelings about your poker losses. If you let poker dominate your life, mood swings will damage more important parts of your life such as work and personal relationships.


  1. rmiestrCertainly wise words, especially for some of the of the chronic losers who act like they never had a bad beat before.

  2. good responses. I am glad you are enjoying the Sedona photos on my website. I hope all is well!

  3. So true. Plus I always look back at the times when I was on a roll and say, I will soon return to that. (at least hopefully).. :-)

  4. Thanks, MOJO, for your very nice comment on Ocala DP. We've got a 2003 TL which is still like new...I'm thinking of trading it in, but it runs so well, I can't justify doing so!

    Re your comment on the 4th: I have a hard time getting into the spirit of things sometimes 'cause I don't believe waving a flag and watching a parade has anything to do with patriotism and while I'm very grateful that I was lucky enough to be born in the USA, the world is one race and one people and we're gonna have to figure out how to honor everyone's traditions without thinking we're somehow superior or we're all gonna go up in a big fiery ball one of these days!

  5. Thanks to all who left comments.

    @Jacob: Wise words about patriotism, etc.

    I have a 2001 Toyota Camry and am tempted to get something new. Then I think why? It runs great, it's just broken in (ha), so I'm keeping it for a couple more years I think.

  6. Thanks for the visits, MOJO.

    By the way, I don't lose at poker - ever!

    Why, just the thought is for other people.

    You know, producers, like Doyle plays.

  7. Tijuana Flats was started by a young man at the University of Central Florida...I think they have 600 restaurants or so now...but you know all that if you Googled it.

    The food is quite good; Tex-Mex. It's a fun place to eat. Maybe one will be coming to Memphis in the near future?

  8. Just look at the ITM (in the money) percent of the best tournament players online. It's still somewhere around 20%.

    8 of 10 MTT's you play will end in agony even if you're well above average.

    Man, if that isn't a life lesson about learning to accept and deal with disappointments I don't know what is ...

  9. @FKcoolers: Good point. I think the secret to MTTs is to play balls to the wall and go all out. It's only when you finish high that it's worth it. Getting barely in the money only means you get your buyin back.

  10. At the WSOP, 90% of all players bust out, another 5% aren't happy -it's a huge convention of heartbreak and dashed dreams. Brutal.

    With cash games, theoretically 50% can win, 50% lose, although I've heard that only 5% are consistent winners. Same difference.

  11. After losing my bankroll once again being disappointed I open Bluff magazine and read two stories about accepting variance and having to be able to handle the loses; that is what really determines your character. Guess my character is being built every day. Great post.