Sunday, August 29, 2010

Piece of cake

I exchanged $80 with Morning Thunder -- he wanted Full Tilt gelt and I wanted to try Cake Poker. I got set up with rake back through Ken Provo, then played some during the past week, mostly low stakes as I didn't want the embarrassment of going broke was getting a feel for the site.

Today, I saw a $20+2 buy-in tournament that had a $2000 guaranteed prize pool. It was eight minutes before game time and only 30 runners. They would need 100 entrants to break even, so with an overlay like that, I couldn't resist. Others must have seen it as well. After the late registration there were 98 players - so much for the overlay.

I was in bad shape about half way through, but picked up Q Q and raised 3X the BB -- two called. The flop was 7 7 7 (ning, ning, N-I-N-G), and I moved in. Both called! My hand held and I was back in business.

Above is the final hand. I had K Q and villain had A 7, and we were all in preflop. The villain was a slight favorite, but it was an excellent chance for me to double up and cripple him. Didn't happen, but that's poker.


  1. Nice going, again. Proud of you.

  2. I think you did ok, right? Nice to hear from you! One thing I miss being on hiatus is all my good blogging're one of the best! What a great sense of humor! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Very Nice!!

    Thanks for the link. You have turned your $80 into more than me on Full Tilt and are beating me. I am all the way up to $86. Oh and a $26 token and the $11 bounty from Josie for her tourney.

    Cake is good.