Monday, September 27, 2010

Willy-nilly in Philly

The bridge World Championships are in the U.S.A. this year! Usually a player has to travel the seven seas to play in a world event. Last year it was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the year before in Beijing, China. Next year it will be in the Netherlands. This year, however, it will be held in Philadelphia - awesome!

I don't get to play much high-level bridge any more because of my job, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to go play in the three-day Mixed Pairs with Kate. It begins this Saturday and continues through Monday. There are three qualifying sessions and three final sessions. For those pairs who don't qualify for the final, the organizers offer something called a Mixed Pairs Plate (where do they get these names?), which is basically a closed consolation. Let's hope we don't play willy-nilly (which means in a haphazard manner) and end up in the Plate thing.

You can find more information about the championships here. You can see the complete schedule here.

Some bloggers are entered: Bob Klein - Jennifer Jones, Karen Walker, Ken Rexford and Justin Lall

UPDATE: I see the bridge blogger Paul Gipson is playing, although not in the Mixed Pairs. He wrote a post called "A hop across the pond" that you can read here.

UPDATE #2: There are 364 pairs from 47 countries that have already entered the Mixed Pairs, the event I'm playing in. To see the Daily Bulletins, click here. The Vugraph schedule on BBO is available here.

Image taken from the WBF web site.


  1. Awesome! Looks very cool. Are you flying out there or planning on driving (I think the drive is do-able, but far).

    If your ever in DC, look me up!

  2. If you get aces, can you go all in?

  3. Have a trip, MOJO. Take the camera.

  4. @PokerMeister: flying, but I'll keep your offer in mind

    @KenP: No, but aces are good in bridge, goo.

    @Crash: Thx

    @TenMile: Taking camera for sure, but won't have time to do any sightseeing.

  5. Thanks for the publicity....I think they callit a plate, because, when you win you get....a plate!

  6. Good luck and I hope you will blog your experiences.


  7. My sincere hope is that you get to participate and win! If not win, that you at least do very well!

    Should be quite an affair. I'm sure you'll have lots of great photos to share with us!

  8. Good luck, play well, and have lots of fun.

  9. Thanks for the comments from the well-wishers!

  10. Looks like things get underway in Philly tomorrow. Wanted to wish you the very best! Above all, have a great time!

  11. that looks like a great place for bridge players to have a good time. I am glad you are enjoying our Sunday travel photos at I hope all is well