Saturday, November 27, 2010

Orlando NABC venue is huge

Above: The sun streams though high windows in the foyer outside a playing area at the Marriott Worldwide Center.

The playing site is huge. The security person rides a Segue. If he walked, he'd have to buy a new pair of tennis shoes each week. The hike to a playing site called Cypress Ballroom is so far they have signs:
"Keep going, you can make it."
"Don't give up now."
"Keep going, we believe in you."
"Keep going, you're almost there."
"Congratulations, you made it!"

The lobby at the Marriott is open and the ceiling is high.

The weather here is great. Highs are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and people swim everyday.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my P&S.

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  1. Wow - a tad cold in Illinois today. Florida sounds good. Have a great time! Wish you could make the Las Vegas blogger gathering.