Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poker pearl #54

Hoyt Corkins was interviewed in the December issue of All In magazine (see scan of cover above). They noted he wears ear plugs at the table to drown out the chatter. He was asked who he would take the plugs out for -- who was worth listening to.

"First, I'll tell you who's the number-one player I leave them in for: Mike Matusow. To be honest, he can yell really loud and he can hurt your ears. As for who I'd take the ear plugs out for, I'd say Doyle Brunson or Billy Baxter, some of the old-school guys who've got very interesting, funny stories about the old days.


  1. That's funny. I wear hearing aids but can relate to what he's saying. Sometimes I take my aids out if a person is too loud or too stupid! ;-)

    Hope all's well with you!

    I think the dog is a Bichon (which is probably a version of terrier)...I had a Blue Cairn Terrier when a kid...loved that dog with all the hair in its eyes!

  2. @Jacob: Things are well here, hope the same with you and Lois Ann.

  3. Ha ha -- What Jocob said about hearing aids. A woman with whom I work always gets on her soapbox -- and is very loud. She still comes through loud and clear even without the hearing aids.

  4. Hi, MOJO! Can you believe the guy couldn't install a watch battery after sending out a special coupon to do just that?

    I think it likely that the shop will go out of business 'ere long!