Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photographer up

Have you ever heard someone say: "This isn't my first rodeo."? Well, I went to one last night and it was my first rodeo. Have you been to one?

The Northwest Mississippi Championship Rodeo was held at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo MS.

Quick trivia question: What famous person was born in Tupelo? (Answer at bottom.)

Some bulls are harder to ride than others. Before the event, they draw for rides. When you get bucked off, cowboy up.

My favorite event was calf roping. It requires teamwork with the horse. When the rider lassos the calf, he jumps off to tie the calf's legs. The horse keeps the rope taut around the calf's neck by backing up or moving forward as needed, thus helping the cowboy.

You think of rodeos, you think of men -- at least I do, but women can participate, too. Barrel racing is for women only. Three barrels are set out and the women have to race around each one. The person with the lowest time is the winner. Knock over a barrel and the rider gets a five-second penalty. The winning time was 14+ seconds, so you can see that one barrel mishap, and the rider is out of the event.

Answer to trivia question: Although you probably associate Elvis Presley with Memphis, he was born in Tupelo MS.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my Canon.


  1. Ya, Roy Rogers Family Rodeo in '55. Yikes!

  2. A rodeo! That looks really fun.

    I liked the trivia about Elvis, too :)

  3. Back in the early 70s we lived in Mesquite, Texas, home of a world-famous rodeo and we would attend quite often.

    We also got to know some of the younger people that participated.

    Thoroughly enjoyed them. But I got a huge kick out of how before every event a local preacher would come out and give a little prayer "in Jesus name," and then they often would play that schmaltzy old revival tune, "I Come To The Garden Alone."

    After that everybody started drinking beer and cussin' and having a grand ol' time.

    You betcha!

    Oh, about Tupelo. We stay there overnight ev'ry time we drive to Colorado. Even got a picture of Lois Anne with a life-size cardboard cutout of ol' Elvis hisself!

  4. G'mornin' MOJO!

    Re the effect on the Ocala DP's a Photoshop "action," and very easy. Works better on some photos than others.

  5. Okay, you got me. The cop was chasing me. But...hah! I was much too fast for him. See how he's sliding onto that street. Well, I had faked him out and cut off to one side and he never knew it. Heh, heh. Then I took his photo! He's probably still driving around scratching his head.

  6. Nice pics double M. Looks like a lot of fun to me!

  7. All I can say is: Yippee ki yi ki ya!

    Or somethin' like that... :-)