Friday, February 4, 2011


Suppose you are playing online. There are three passes to your partner who opens 1NT. You hold:
8 6 5 K 7 3 A K 9 J 10 7 2

What is your call (opponents silent)? Bidding 3NT seems normal enough. When I looked through the records at OKbridge (Wednesday night game), I was surprised to see that a player (North below) bid 7NT. It went Pass, Pass, Double and the same player Redoubled! Here are all four hands:

8 6 5
K 7 3
A K 9
J 10 7 2
A J 10 Q 7 4 3 2
10 9 8 Q 6 4 2
Q J 5 4 3 2
K 6 4 3 9
K 9
A J 5
10 8 7 6
A Q 8 5

That's just awful. At first I thought 7NT must have been a misclick. We've all done that. The redouble, however, was no mismouse. I guess he was having a bad game and was mad at his partner. Still, show some respect for the other players. Show some respect for the game.

The West player (hand diagram rotated) led his A and South finished down five for a score of minus 2200.

I'm happy to see that North-South was minus 19.51 IMPs. I'm also happy to see that the director changed the East-West score to average (but gave them 1.76 IMPs). I wish they had banned North for a week or two. Maybe they did.

You can see this deal here.


  1. The anonymity of the internet encourages this type of behaviour, doing something we'd never do at a real club.

    For non-bridge players, it is the equivalent of the mild-mannered man next door who turns into Mr Road Rage when behind the wheel of his car.

    But the interesting thing here is that OKB does know who you are as it is a subscription service. So there is a link between the user name and money. Not so anonymous then. Strange.

    More likely to happen on BBO in my experience.

  2. The Internet can be scary!

    I knew you were a wheeler and dealer, so I kinda figured that wheelchair in the Ocala DP photo belonged to you!

  3. Can't bluff the pot in Bridge, right?

  4. Thanks, Hossm even if you over bid your next tourney.

  5. Hi MOJO! Re your comment on Ocala DP: I don't know how you would "foil" those cameras. But I had thought about putting on a George W. Bush disguise and shooting them out some night! ;-)

    Nah...just kidding!