Friday, April 22, 2011

Test your defense

Here's another deal from the International Bridge Press Association's newsletter. The IBPA is a group of more than 300 bridge journalists from around the world. The newsletter, edited by Canadian John Carruthers, is a nice source of information and bridge deals such as this one. Test your defense as East:

Partner leads the 2. Declarer wins the ace and ruffs a heart. He lays down the A and gets the bad news. An easy contract just got harder.

South continues by cashing the Q, then playing the A K. You ruff the second diamond -- now what?

Trick question. If you ruff, you are endplayed. If you exit with the J, declarer can win the king and lead the ace. You must ruff or he has 12 tricks. Declarer overruffs, draws trumps and arranges to ruff a diamond in dummy for 12 tricks.

If you discard the J on the second high diamond, you can ruff the third diamond and exit with a heart and the contract can't be made.

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  1. I just called the Pentagon. They said they weren't involved in this defense. What's that all about? :-)