Saturday, July 23, 2011

First day hot, but not so hot

Above: Free WiFi in the lobby of the Sheraton Centre Toronto is a big attraction.

The weather in Toronto has been record highs. The bridge for me was not so hot, however.

Rich Rothwarth and I had 52% and 47% games yesterday in the qualifying of the Life Master Pairs, and that won't get the job done. Several bad decisions and several fixes -- not a good combination.

We're heading to the Knockout Teams today. There's good news and bad news. The bad news is we had to pick up a team. The good news is that it's John Diamond and Brian Platnick. We could do worse.


  1. Sounds like "Team Bridge Rock Stars" to me.

    Of course my tell at bridge is having to take off my shoes when I get 11 or better.

  2. From what I hear, Toronto is a great city. A little warmer than Florida right now, though.

    Hope you had a hot time in the old town last night or today or whenever!

    Is your header photo from Colorado Springs?

    Best wishes!

  3. @KenP: Yeah, good team.

    @Jacob: It was hot, but a front moved in, it rained last night and has cooled off. The header is from Bryce Canyon National Park -- interesting place.