Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poker pearl #62

Above: Phil Helmuth writes a column in each issue of Card Player magazine.

In his latest poker column, Phil Helmuth describes a hand where he had a set of 8s, but his opponent had a straight.

"The reason I didn't raise on the river was that I noticed that my opponent had his hands formed in the shape of a steeple.

"According to Navarro, the steeple is a sure sign of strength at the poker table.

"Had I paid closer attention, or just slowed down for an extra 20 seconds before making my bet, I might have saved myself at least 100,000."

What's wrong with this picture?

Does Helmuth think he's the only one who has read (the Navarro book) Read 'Em and Reap? It sounds like if I ever play against Helmuth, he will believe my reverse tells. Bluffing? No problem, bet big, steeple your hands and rake in his chips.


  1. Poker Hack is an ex-dealer (before she was widowed two years ago). She writes articles for Poker Works and has for a long time. Her dealing resume is extensive.

    Most of her articles are personal research and opinion pieces rather than straight reporting.

    She's a good person and hardworking.

  2. What does it mean when people write articles and books that give away secrets about how to play poker? If everybody reads them ... well, everyone's in on everyone's secret, right?

  3. @Jacob: Yes, good point. Why all the free advice I've given away on my blog is ridiculous, right? (Just kidding.)