Saturday, August 20, 2011

Withering on the vine

Playing in a mini-tournament (12 boards) on the Internet at BridgeBase Online, it goes Pass Pass 2 and you hold:
Q 8 7 A Q J 4 K 4 K Q J 8.

You overcall 2NT. The opponents are now silent. Partner bids 3. What is that?

You bid 3NT, all pass, West leads the 6, and these are the combined hands:

Your right-hand opponent plays the J and you win the queen. To have any chance, you must win some diamond tricks, so you cash the K and it goes low low queen! Well, four diamonds is a start at least, so you lead your 4 to the 9 and RHO wins the 10! Your good diamonds are now stranded!

Here are all four hands.

The opponents take one diamond, four spades, one club and still get a heart in the end for down three and 9.18 IMPs for East-West (Kate and me).

After the deal is over, partner tells you he was trying to transfer to diamonds with his 3 bid. Playing online with different partners is always dicey, isn't it?

You can see all the results for this board here.

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  1. Can't imagine playing any game online with different partners!

    Hope your weekend is progressing nicely!