Friday, September 30, 2011

Exciting finishes in baseball

In the movie The Perfect Storm, a confluence of weather events combine to create a killer storm. It took just the right conditions.

Baseball was like that this year. On Sept. 6, the Atlanta Braves held an 8 1/2-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals for the Wild Card playoff spot. The Cardinals had to get hot, but also the Braves had to collapse.

Even in the last game of the season, the Braves had a 3-2 lead in the ninth inning. Their ace relief pitcher gave up the tying run and they lost in extra innings.

(Other teams had problems, too, see here.)

St. Louis will now play the best team in baseball: the Philadelphis Phillies. The first two games are in Philly, but game three will be next Tuesday in St. Louis. I've got a ticket and there will be photos.


  1. And we call wazerface a luckbox...

    ENJOY!!! ...luckbox

  2. have a great time Mojo. Your Cards are peaking at the right time but beating Philly is gonna be a tall task.

  3. Should be a lot of fun for you! Enjoy and I'll look forward to the photos!

  4. Thanks for NOT mentioning the demise of my Sox.

  5. I was going to write a long comment but I got into my comfort corner and went to sleep!

  6. G'Monday!

    Re your comment on Ocala: The lime-green stuff is wallboard, I believe. But the first time I saw this thing I almost drove into a telephone pole. It's been a very slow construction!

  7. You must not do much biking. $299 is quite inexpensive. These are decent bikes but not as good as I like...I'd never buy one at Dick's.

    Our bikes are Trek's and on the low end of things but they still cost $500 each. I wanted another one but it was $4,500 and Lois discouraged me!

    That would have been silly,'d have to do a lot of riding to justify that kind of money.

  8. @Jacob: I have a bike, but I bought it used for around $100. I had not idea how expensive good ones are.