Monday, September 26, 2011

Poker pearl #64

Above: The book Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em by Ed Miller, Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn is a terrific read. They had a special sale two weeks ago offering it for $10 (Plus shipping) and I snapped it up.

In the book shown above, the authors describe a situation in which you have
K K and raise to $7 preflop in an online $1/2 NL hold'em game -- both blinds call.

The flop is 8 8 3. The small blind bets $12 and the big blind folds and you call.

The turn is the 8 and the small blind bets $20 and you call again. The river is the Q and the small blind checks. What should you do?

The authors suggest betting the pot -- $85. In their scenario, the small blind calls and shows 6 6. Pocket kings are good.

"When you have an overpair on a paired dry flop with no straight or flush draws, you are in a classic way ahead or way behind situation. Either your opponent has trips or a full house . . . or you have him crushed.

"In way ahead or way behind situations, you should often dial your aggression way down and make small bets or allow your opponent to control the betting. If you are way behind, then you'll be happy you didn't put in extra action. And if you are way ahead, then you don't want to give your opponent an easy fold."

Miller's web site is here.

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  1. It is always nice to find an "instruction" book that actually has some value. I've found that many of them are just so much claptrap!