Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can't seal the deal

Can't seem to close these things out.

At 10 a.m. CDT, there's a $12+$1 tournament that I like to play in each morning on Bodog. I get an espresso and settle in. Last week I had a fourth and a fifth. Yesterday I bubbled. Sounds good, but the money is in the top three places (there were 172 runners). First was $618 in this one, a big difference from what I actually won.

Today was typical. I had a good stack, but never a huge stack, then went card dead towards the end. For my bustout hand, it folded to me in the small blind and I moved in for 6 big blinds with Q-5 off. Big blind called with ace-rag. Brick city and I was history.

Time to mow the lawn.


  1. congrats on the cash. i know what you mean about it being bittersweet as so close to big money....BUT...damn, drinking espresso and playing a tourney at 10am every day....sounds like you're already a winner!

    go mow that lawn.

  2. Hey this retired life is tough, I have to mow my lawn and stuff like that.

    I see I misspelled espresso, so it's corrected.

  3. You are a very funny person and I love your linguistic scrabbling. Pierre was indeed "fairly" at the fair, looking I believe, yonder at fair maiden!

    Sorry about the grass. We finally wised up and moved to a place where such things are taken care of. That way we can spend more time at the fair! Heh, heh!