Saturday, November 26, 2011

A common name

Blogger Very Josie recently posted about being a member of the mob -- no, not that mob, the Henden Mob. She's listed in their data base and posted about it here.

I looked myself up and they had me as David Smith from Memphis, David Smith from Walls MS, and I found a couple more of my cashes listed under David Smith, but no home town. (I used to live in Memphis, but moved six miles south to northern Mississippi.) That's the problem having a name like mine.

I e-mailed them and they were responsive. They combined these into one place (see here) and asked me to send a photo. Two of my biggest cashes are missing. Twice I chopped for first through fourth in tournaments that would qualify, but they aren't listed. Maybe, I'll try and find a link to them -- or maybe not.


  1. that's alot of cashes. i am sooo jealous and will make it my life's mission to catch up to you.

    nice pic too!

  2. What about using a middle initial to distinguish yourself or something like Dave "MOJO" Smith?

    There is just something about the name Dave Smith, huh? *smirk*

  3. Have fun trying to catch up to David "MEMPHIS MOJO" Smith. I haven't added up his winnings, but that boy is flirting with paying taxes!

  4. He's only MOJO to me. All that other crap is just stuff and nonsense.

  5. I also found them very responsive when they quickly updated some incorrect Borgata results and even asked me to submit a picture.