Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun and games

Fun and games at the Horseshoe Casino for the next 10 days -- The Magnolia State Poker Tournament means poker, poker and more poker.

The first event is interesting. It has Friday as Day IA then Saturday as Day IB and the players who advance from each day combine on Sunday for the final. The prize pool is guaranteed to be $40,000 and there is a guaranteed seat to the Main Event at a tournament in January that is paid for by Horseshoe (i.e. does not come out of the prize pool). There's also a twist. If you play today and get knocked out, you can reenter tomorrow.

I notice there's a Senior Event on Thursday and the age is 40 or older. I need to check my driver's license, but I believe I qualify, so I'll be playing in that one as well as the one today (and maybe a few others).


  1. Oh my goodness 40 yrs old for the senior event? That means I would qualify.....FOR THE SENIORS EVENT. *sob*

  2. Looks like Christmas is coming early to Mojoland.

  3. Haw haw -- Joe qualifies for the seniors tournament. Time to wash out the ol' hair dye. *grin*

  4. It's wonderful when you get to the age where age brings some benefits. But 40 seems a little young for a "senior" designation! Sheesh!

    I'm not sure all one's teeth are in by 40.

    Best of luck as you apply your ancient skills to the art of poker.