Sunday, November 13, 2011

No, I'm not bitter

The last event of the Magnolia State Poker Championship was yesterday at the Horseshoe Casino (See hotel above). There were 143 runners who paid $560 to play, including moi. First place paid $23.5K - nice. Unfortunately, I finished 20th (18 were paid), so nice run, no moolah. On my bust out hand, I raised three times the big blind. A guy called with 7 5 and hit a straight. I couldn't put him on 7-5, sorry. But they were soooooted. Yeah, right.

During the tournament, there was lots of ego at my table. A guy who won this event last year made sure everyone knew about it. Another guy had won a bracelet. Not only did he have it on, he made sure everyone was aware of it. If I ever get like that, just take me out and shoot me.

I did have the pleasure of busting last year's winner. He wasn't bragging so much after that. I raised 2.5 times the big blind from middle position and got called by another player and Mr. Winner. The flop was 10-8-3 rainbow. It went check, check to Mr. Winner who bet the pot. I check-raised enough to put him all in. He went in the tank and called and turned over A 8. I showed A 10 and my hand held up. Suh-weet.

Usually, I would just lead out with top pair and top kicker, but previous winners are usually winners because they are aggressive, so I let him fall into my trap. Maybe he'll keep his yap shut next time. Nah, probably not. This play had meta-game considerations. After that, if I didn't continuation bet, players weren't so fast to try and take the pot away from me.

After I busted out, I got in the Omaha-8 game. It was $4/8 with a half-kill and lots of fun. One disappointing hand: I was in the big blind and got a free play with A-10-5-5. The flop was A-10-10. Yahtzee! No other pairs came and three of us played to the river. I turned over my hand and one of the others also had A-10, oh well. I had hoped to scoop (no qualifying low) instead of chopping the pot.

I left about 2:45 a.m. up a buy-in. As I was walking out, I went past the tournament. There were still seven players left! The guy who busted me had what looked like the biggest stack. Maybe my chips helped him win, but I don't really care one way or the other. Screw him, but I'm not bitter.

Photo taken Friday with my P&S.


  1. Love them 4-8 half kill O8 games. They can be profitable. Sorry to hear abot coming up short in the tourney.

  2. Shame. Can we assume you made money for the week over all?

  3. Sure glad you're not bitter, but I'm glad that you took care of the braggart!

    Nice photo!

  4. I sense from your post that "Mr. Winner" is naturally obnoxious and that it was not just part of his play in trying to psyche out the other players.

  5. You wouldn't be a bit bitter if you didn't care. No biggie. Good run anyway.

  6. @Wolfie: You're right. After busting out of a tournament, I'm usually too bummed to play cash, but I couldn't resist O8.

    @Bastin: about broke even. That's the nature of tournaments. If you get the *big* score, then it's all worth it. I think tournaments are fun, but cash games boring (except for O8).

    @Lowell: Yes. Was gratifying.

    @Dave: I think you're right.

    @lightning: Thanks.