Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pike Place Market or bust

Above: Pike Place Market is Seattle's No. 1 tourist attraction.

Kate and I took the day off from bridge and did some sightseeing. After a bus tour, we asked the driver to let us off at the Pike Place Market. It's huge. We spent lots of time and barely scratched the surface.

One of the places I've heard about is the Pike Place Fish Market. The employees there throw fish around and have fun with what could be a boring job.

Seen on a tee shirt: "After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F."

Above: Pike Place Fish Market will FedEx seafood to you anywhere in North America. A worker prepares crab legs to be sent to some lucky person.

Above: A customer orders a five pound salmon. A worker heaves it to another who weighs it. Excitement ensues.

You can read about the fish throwing if you click here.

Above: Pike Place Market has zillions of stalls. You can buy artwork, cherries, tee shirts, just about any kind of food and things you've never heard of. This is a shot of one of the many hallways.

Photos taken with my Canon.


  1. The fish throwing is indeed entertaining. The Beecher cheese shop across the street is also worth a stop. Fortunately, we can get Beecher Flagship cheese in the upscale supermarkets in Scottsdale.

    Good luck at the bridge tournament, although luck is not much of a the equation at a bridge tournament.

  2. @Dave: Thanks for the comment. The guys who toss the fish also yell out stuff. People just wait around until they can see the show.

  3. This is a wonderful post, MOJO! I was in Seattle for a conference back in 1980. Loved it! But have never had the chance to go back. I would like the market for sure. Great photos, too! Thanks!

  4. Mummm...Dungeness Crab!!!

    Had a client near Slicker Sam's in the west burbs. That was years ago so the population has probably recovered.

    Gotta sign off before the drool short out my keyboard.


    Maybe luck isn't as noticeable but I do recall horrid distribution and Q's in the wrong spot.