Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday night's alright for poker, get a little action in

Above: The clock said five players left, but it hadn't been updated -- there were only two of us.

I chopped the 7 p.m. tournament at the Gold Strike Saturday night. I wish I could say I played great, but mostly I stayed out of trouble and had a big hand at the right time. At the final table and from under the gun, a big stack moved all in and was called by a short stack. I peeked at my hole cards and saw K K. I had a big stack, too, but I'm sorry, I'm not folding kings. I moved in as well. The other two had A-J and A-10 -- what were they thinking?

After that I just played fairly passively until there were two of us. We battled for a while, but neither could get an edge so we chopped.

During the evening, I saw Q-Q beat K-K with a queen on the river. I saw A-Q beat A-K, again with a queen on the river. I saw J-J beat K-K when jacks ended up with a straight. I saw 10-7 go all in, called by A-A and flopped a straight. Poker can be a crazy game.

The worst play I saw was from a good player. Blinds were 2000/1000/200 and he raised to 6000 with A-Q. A lady who played nothing but the nuts moved all in for 34,000 and he called! She showed him A-A. I'm still not sure what he was thinking. He said later he didn't think she would play that way with aces. Apparently, he hadn't been watching the table.

Photo taken with my iPhone.


  1. It would seem to me that a poker player must, at all times, have his or her wits about him or her! :-)

    You won a little money?

    When I say "Chop, chop!" it means go fast! Of course, there are also pork chops which have nothing to do with speed. ;-)

  2. I thought Josie went to AC. After looking at people playing the hands you mention, I am wondering if she didn't mix up locations.

    Interesting that you both discussed KK in such differing ways today.

  3. Just another MOJO success story ... lol.

    Okay -- time for you to write a post on what has changed: What happened to turn a very good poker player into a guy who has been killing it in tournaments?