Thursday, February 9, 2012

7NT off an ace -- a bot comes to the rescue

The opponents bid 7NT and you're on lead with an ace, so you double. What now?

Well, if you are a robot, you don't take your ace, you lead something else and watch the declarer take the first 13 tricks. Stuff like this make the bots look dumb while in fact they do many good things.

I wonder why the programmers can't fix that. Supposedly the bots do simulations and then make their decisions (bids, leads and play) based on that. If the opponents jump to 7NT, guess what? Partner robot can't have anything so your simulations should tell you to take your trick before the mice start to nibble on it.

Making 7NT doubled was a score of 1790, so that's a top, right? Wrong, three others also got to 7NT, but one redoubled, so he got the top. Sorry, I just couldn't find the redouble, but maybe I should.

Here's the top part of the traveller:

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  1. Good trick to remember next time you play the bots