Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More bad news for poker players

"U.S. shuts down gambling site" read the headline in USA Today online. I went to the Bodog web site and saw the image above.

The problem is that Bodog mixes all kinds of sports gambling with poker. That's unfortunate for poker players. If they just had poker, maybe the feds would have left them along. Nah, probably not.

Then I went to www.bovada.lv (Bodog's new name) and it was still business as usual. We'll see what happens.

You can read what USA Today says here.


  1. If you think the FT gang are the world's biggest scumbags, you've yet to meet Calvin Ayre. :)

    You can watch and envy his life and style at CalvinAyre.com Such an gifted fellow leaves us plebeians with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

  2. Sorry about this. But what with the "righteous" in power lots of bad things can happen. You've probably seen the institutional rape bills passing in various states requiring a vaginal ultrasound for women who desire an abortion!

  3. Hey Lowell! You talking about Virginia, LOL? I think they gave up on the invasive ultrasound here. But they still want to take pics. Everybody loves photography, even Uncle Stupid!