Saturday, February 11, 2012

Satellite crashes to earth

Satellites are made to go in outer space, and that's what happened to me yesterday. There were 599 donkeys runners who signed up for the $70 Super that guaranteed 20 seats to the Tunica WSOP Circuit Main Event. The tournament was a rebuy. Each player started with 2000 chips. Anytime a player had 2000 or less, he could rebuy.

Because we started with 2000, we could rebuy immediately or wait. What would you do? I don't play in that many rebuy tourneys, but when I do, I rebuy immediately then don't rebuy again. If I bust out, then that's it. Others kept a 2000 stack and rebought if they went busto. This allows them to take chances and try to double up early. What is your rebuy strategy?

I lasted for a little more than four hours. With rebuys, it took a long time to thin the field. There were about 200 left when I went out. They were guessing it would take until around 7 p.m. to finish. One reason it was a guess is that they were still trying to determine how many seats they would pay. I'm not sure I get that. You count the money and you know, right?

My bust out hand: A guy who had about seven big blinds went all-in for the second hand in a row and I looked at 5 5. I also had about seven big blinds and called him. He showed K J. Presto is gold, right? Not so fast. The flop came with a king and two hearts. Just to rub it in, the river was another heart, not that he needed the flush. Tournaments often come down to flips, and you have to win them.

The Main Event starts today. Then there is a Main Event day two on Sunday. On Monday the Main Event restarts by combining the two day ones. I'll be sitting it out, but I noticed there is a final NL event on Sunday at 3. It's a ring event with a $345 buyin, so I might take a shot at that one.


  1. Well, I have a completely different style. It was based on past success with a rebuy I was playing almost daily. The skills were suspect. I watched people rebuy until they need to finish third. It way a guarantee that always started underwater but never ended with that.

    I played very weak at the start without serious premiums. I could end the first hour with that strategy. Then, I'd start to play poker with about half left and the blinds approaching playtime.

    If I busted, no rebuy. I go play some ring if I hadn't had my fill.

    That was profitable. In the B&M world, it might not be the choice but it proved very +EV in the online setting. I think it might work in B&M too as the earlier bustouts are weak players and often want more action. Ring gets juicy.

  2. If I trade in my car, then decide I don't like the new one and go back to the dealer and get my old car back is that a "rebuy?"

    Hey, just asking!

    Re Ocala: C'mon down! Check out Stone Creek, too (Del Webb's Stone Creek)...and we'll show you around!

  3. Forgot a link:

  4. Respect to you, MOJO. You are better than all of us.

  5. @KenP: you might be right. I never know what I should do.

    @Lowell: LOL

    @Crash: Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I know how to play and sometimes, I just don't know.