Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost forgot about poker

Above: The Gold Strike is the venue for the Delta Gold Poker Classic that ends Monday.

I played bridge for 11 days and forgot that there was a poker tournament going on at the Gold Strike. I decided to go play today. The entry was $135 with $100 for the prize pool, a $25 entry fee and a $10 dealer toke. There were 114 runners who also thought playing was a good idea.

We started with 8000 in chips with 30 minute levels. I won a small pot with A-A and that was about it. I lost a medium pot with 9-9 (when a fourth spade came on the turn and the villain moved all in) and another with A-Q (when the villain moved all in on a flop of all low cards).

There were two very good players at the second table I was moved to. I watched as they made moves and busted out. I was bleeding to death and just didn't know it. They at least tried to do something about it before their stack was too short.

At Level 8, the blinds were 250/500/50, I had around 4700, and moved all in from fairly late position (it was folded to me, obviously). The big blind called with K-7 offsuit and hit a king on the flop! So long, MOJO. Notice I didn't tell you what I had. Does it really matter?

I remember playing at Caesar's in Atlantic City recently. The buy-in was $345 and they didn't give us a dinner comp. At this tournament, even with a cheap buy-in, they gave us a pass to the buffet. In AC, I remember some of the players grumbling how cheap Caesar's is, but I don't think that's it. I think all the AC casinos have had a monopoly for so long (when they didn't have to give players food), that they haven't adjusted to the new reality (think Pennsylvania and Delaware casinos as competition). At Tunica, they act like they're glad you came to give them your money. AC not so much.

Speaking of the buffet, I saw players stack their plates with tons of food. Is this the thing you should do when you are going back to play serious poker? I think not.

I don't like the schedule tomorrow and I have a fantasy baseball draft Saturday. I might go play Friday and Sunday, however, and see how that goes.

Above: At the dinner break, the shot clock for Event No. 12 shows there are 52 players left.

Photos taken with my phone camera.


  1. I recently posted a unique fantasy draft strategy (with my draft results) for my blog at if you're interested in checking it out. And yes, I DID notice that you didn't post your holding on the K 7 hand... :)

  2. It is hard to imagine that you forgot about poker, unless you were busy taking beautiful photos like this!

  3. Interesting that someone called with K-7os since I imagine you had been playing tight. Did he have a big stack?

    Hmmmm ... were you playing The Grump? The old 4-2 didn't do it this time?

  4. Your not winning another tournament or final tabling or cashing means a group of us won't be gathering on the banks of the big muddy to see if you really can walk across.

    There is no truth to the fact that those of us with jealous bones in our body were planning to attach cement footwear.

  5. @cw: I have a practice online draft today at 1 p.m. I might try it.

    @Lowell: Interesting shots for a phone.

    @lightning: I had been playing tight because I didn't have anything and the pot was always bet or raised before it got to me. My M was between 3 and 4 and I shoved with 10h6h. Still not sure why he called -- his stack was okay, but mine was maybe 1/3 of it, a significant amount. Weird.

    @k: lol, thanks, I think.

  6. I would wonder what they might put in the food. But then, I can be seriously paranoid in places like that. I've seen too many things on the tube perhaps. I wonder when casinos will come to Virginia. Lots of old southerners would definitely have heart attacks were that to occur.