Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bluffin' on the river

The theme of the bridge tournament is "Ruffin' on the river." (A ruff is when you win a trick by playing a trump when you are out of a suit.) A friend of mine, Bob White of Raleigh NC, is here at the Spring NABC. Besides bridge, he's also a good poker player and goes out to the WSOP each year for an event or two.

Monday night, he took off from bridge and went the Harrah's of Tunica to play $1/3 No limit. He told me this story that made me LOL.

He raised to $15 with 10-10 and had two callers. The flop was 10-5-5. Can you say Y-a-h-t-z-e-e? He made a continuaton bet of $25 and one villain called. He didn't tell me the turn card, but he bet $40 and the villain raised it for $75 more -- Bob just called.

Bob checked on the river to let the villain bluff off some more of his money. Sure enough, the villain bet $100. Now Bob moved all in. It would cost the villain $10 more to win a ~$525 pot and he folded!

I couldn't make this stuff up.


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  2. I guess that I shouldn't have folded my quad 5's.

    That river check goes in the category: priceless.

  3. Makes you wonder exactly what the villain had. Busted draw and looking to steal on the river? Maybe he watched one too many WSOP broadcasts.

  4. Time to take a trip to Tunica. Looks like you are getting around.

  5. Even I can understand some of that! Nice to hear that the good guys win on occasion!

  6. Great story, MOJO. He probably miscounted your buddy's chips and meant to bluff him all in, then when bet against, knew he had no shot. But still, for $10, that's really funny.

    I've never really played bridge, but I'm wondering....have you done a post trying to compare the differences (skillset, mindset, emotions, etc) between poker and bridge? If so, can you you point me to it? If not, perhaps you should consider it some day.