Friday, March 2, 2012

First event is in the books

Above: Caesars in Atlantic City is the current venue for the WSOP Circuit Event.

I placed 10th in Event No. 1. Not what I had hoped for, but still a good finish. Blogger Very Josie came by when we were down to three tables. I won one pot with an all-in with K-J forcing a weak ace to fold (he showed the ace). She should have stayed around a little longer -- the fireworks were just beginning.

A few hands later, a guy raised to 21,000 (blinds were maybe 400/800?) from early position and I had A-A and only 60K in chips. I guess I could just call and try and suck more chips out of him later, but that invites others into the pot and aces are best played heads-up. I shoved thinking that it might look like a short-stack desperation move. Unfortunately, he folded. I showed the aces.

On the very next hand, I had 10 9 and shoved again (for about 95K). This is why I showed the aces: Look at me, I only play the nuts. I wanted to pick up the blinds and antes. If someone called, then maybe I'll get lucky.

Another guy thought, then moved all in for around 400K and the big stack also moved all in! The first guy turned over A-Q and the big stack showed K-K.

The flop was A-10-6 with two hearts. The turn was a black eight giving me more outs. A heart wins it for me, a 10, a 9 gives me two pair and a 7 gives me a straight. The 5 on the river gave me the flush and a triple up.

At the unofficial final table (10 of us, the official final table is only 9), I was severely short-stacked. I busted out with A-10 versus J-J.

VeryJosie brought Hoyazo over to meet me. They both appreciated the 10-9 of hearts hand. I wasn't able to visit much with him, but Hoyazo's playing tomorrow (as am I) so maybe we can compare notes then. I knew he was an intelligent guy who is a great poker player. I pictured him as a tough-guy, but I was surprised to find him charming, actually. I hope he doesn't mind my ruining his image in print.

AFter busting out of the the tournament, I went to the poker room and found Josie with eight or nine stacks of red chips in front of her. Then Wolfie texted me and we met for a cup of coffee and some conversation. He's also a congenial guy who gives good chat.

Tomorrow is Day 1B of Event No. 2, and I'm going to play. If I advance to the final, I'll play, obviously, but if not, I'll head for home Sunday. Road trips are fun, but coming home is, too.

Above: Very Josie comes by to give MOJO some blogger support in his tournament.

Above: Wolfie and I spent a couple of hours chatting about nothing, but, perhaps, solving the world's problems -- or maybe not.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Another deep run by MOJO. WTG!

    Good luck in the next one!

  2. It's nice that you did well and nice that you had some people there whom you knew and could offer you some support and I'm glad that you at least made an attempt to solve the world's problems.

    Re your comment about cars: Many of the newer cars have the capacity to automatically brake when they sense they're too close to danger...

    The new EZ-GO golf cars stop when you lift your foot off the pedal. I don't like that - tend to go flying into the windshield!

  3. OK, roof, food, and gas covered. Check.
    Time to get serious!
    Today starts? RING DAY!

  4. Seems like you are doing well. We were up in New Jersey last month to see my son, Zachary, graduate from the Coast Guard training at Cape May. The beach and lighthouse were lovely and there are some photos in the blog if you are interested.

    Good Luck in the big game. I'm feeling it. Hope you are too!

  5. Awesome Job Dave. I just love those Circuit Events. Cleveland is suppose to get one next year. Maybe you can come up for a visit and play.

  6. Nice meeting you. Next time we gotta schedule some time in the same poker room as opposed to just the same city. Too bad you aren't closer, that Golden Nugget deep stack is frikkin great for a weekly tourney. You would probably clean up

  7. The amazing MOJO does it again! And to think-- I could once actually play in the same tournaments as you and have a chance ... sigh ...