Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tomorrow's the big day

Above: Memphis TN is the site for the Spring North American Bridge Championships to be held March 15-25.

The NABC is starting tomorrow. The locals have worked hard and we're hoping the tournament will be a success. There has been lots of good publicity, both in the newspapers and on TV. For an example, click here.

It's not too late to come. For general information, go here. For housing/hotel information, click here. For general news, use this link. After the tournament starts, you can find results and Daily Bulletins here.

Good luck at the tables.

Images taken from the ACBL web site.


  1. Will our mutual acquaintances from my town be playing?

  2. Can't trust any game where colluding is allowed.

    Don't let them intimidate you. Lot of smack talk will keep opponents in place. It helps if you sound as bad as someone from the Boston area.

    If you decide to play ring all night after, don't worry about showering. Just another edge to use.

    Well, that pretty much sums up the tournament advice from your poker friends. GL!

  3. Good luck in whatever you do here! I thought that first photo was yours and was going to recommend you for photographer of the year!