Saturday, March 10, 2012

The world is coming to Memphis

Above: The Marriott will be the host hotel for the Spring NABCs.

The ACBL has three big tournaments each year. They are called North American Bridge Championships, but actually they are more like a world championship. Nearly 5000 players will come to Memphis from more than 30 countries to compete against each other. The dates are March 15--25. (See here) for details.

The Memphis Convention and Visiors Bureau has said that the NABC will be the biggest event in the city this year. They say the economic impact will be $10 million. I don't know how they get those numbers, but it sure sounds like a lot. The Commercial Appeal (the city's newspaper) and the Downtowner magazine have both been generous with articles publicizing the event.

I plan to play all 10 days. Usually, I have to go to places like Philadelphia or San Francisco (the other two venues this year). I'm not complaining -- I love to travel -- but it will be nice to play here at home for a change.

I'm on the planning committee and took some photos when I was downtown for a committee meeting. Here's a sneak peek:

Above: The Memphis Cook Convention Center is where the bridge will be played.

Above: The lobby of the Marriott is attractive.

Above: The Convention Center and the Marriott are connected by a skywalk. Trolleys can take you almost anywhere in downtown Memphis -- they cost $1.

Above: This is the entrance to the Cook Convention Center taken inside from the Mezzanine Level (second floor).

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Hopefully you run as well in Bridge as you do in poker

  2. I arrive on Friday evening. We'll be looking for one-day team mates on Saturday if our other pair make the final of the IMP pairs - hopefully you'll be unavailable too :)

    See you there.

  3. Mr. Memphis MOJO...this looks like a ton of fun. And you've got some gorgeous venues in which to play your wiles! I'll bet you've had fun on the planning committee and will look forward to many more pictures

    An, btw, when you comment on one of our blogs now, all you have to do is put in your name so's I know who you are...

    Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

  4. @grouchie: Thanks.

    @Paul: See you then.

    @Lowell: It was fun.

  5. Hi place to comment on your latest post with the red Ferrari...but I was going to say if you have to ask what kind of car that it you can't afford it...unless you win some serious money playing poker in the tournament, which I hope you do..

  6. I saw that you couldn't comment (for some reason)so I republished it, bur same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

  7. "I plan to play all 10 days"
    Lucky you :)

  8. I wish I could come to Memphis! Have to work though ... no on-the-road tournaments for me.