Saturday, April 28, 2012

Above: The Horseshoe Casino has a great poker tournament each Saturday at 4 p.m.

Ninety runners paid $160 to enter the weekly tournament at the Horseshoe. It has 30-minute levels and each of us start with 12K in chips. The casino guarantees a prize pool of $10,000, but they don't have to worry about an overlay. There are always plenty of entrants.

About two hours into the tournament, I got moved to a table with a drunk guy who had a humongous chip stack. The guy to my left said, "Welcome to the twilight zone." I quickly saw what he meant. This player was betting big on every hand and running over the table. He was two to my left (I would have preferred him on my right), so taking advantage of him was going to be a problem.

Finally, I picked up Q-Q on the button and raised three times the big blind. The drunk was in the big blind and called (natch). The flop was K-7-6 and the drunk moved all in. What would you do. I shrugged my shoulders and called. He turned over 10-9 for an inside-straight draw. His 8 didn't come and I had a nice double-up.

When we were down to two tables, we were moved to a different table, and the drunk was on my immediate left, this time. He had lost most of his chips by now (predictable), then tripled up with an all-in and called in two places. He had 5-4 and flopped two pair to get some chips again. Finally, it folded to me in the small blind. I had Q-3 and completed. He checked and the flop was Q-5-2. I checked (of course) and so did he. The turn was a J and the board read: Q-J-5-2. What would you do? I checked and he moved all in. I called and he turned over (again) 10-9 for an open-ended straight draw. My hand held and I had lots of chips.

When we got to the final table, someone suggested a chop. We would all get a little more than $1,000, but the big stack didn't agree. After two more players were knocked out, someone again suggested a chop and this time everyone agreed. The blinds were $10,000/5,000/1000 and it was pretty much shove or fold time, so hard to play delicate poker.

Above: This was the shot clock when play was halted with eight players left.

First image taken with my P&S and the second with my phone camera.


  1. Another great run. Congrats! Just how exactly do you do this????

  2. Outstanding - great job in the hands against the LAG too!

  3. Sparky, I explained it -- albeit not well. He has mastered the world in which his chips reside. Like the jailbird said, "It is a very good thing."

    I'll avoid be nice as I have already overdone that.

  4. I feel like we should all be trying to take the pebble from you hand. :-)

  5. You sir play and run well!

    Good job with another Final Table!
    I want you to be my tournament guru

  6. From the above comments, it appears you did very well, for which I'm very glad. Nothing like a few extra coins jingling in one's pocket! Keep up the good work!

  7. Another tourney, another final table. Ho-hum.