Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good hands can kill you

Above: Harrah's St. Louis is the venue for the current WSOP Circuit Event.

I settled into my seat #1 Monday in the $355 buyin NL tournament in St. Louis. A guy arrived late and sat next to me in the 2 seat. He looked familiar. I try to remember players so when I meet them another time, I have a clue how they play. Are they loose? Are they sneaky? Are they a complete fish?

The dealer called him Bernard, and them I remembered him. It was this guy. He came in 13th in the WSOP Main Event in 2005. I had seen him on TV, and I remember that he kept a picture of his two kids on the table and used it as a card protector. He's also a columnist for Card Player magazine. Too bad he couldn't be on my right instead of directly behind me.

It turns out it didn't matter -- he and I didn't tangle. Twice I flopped a set, bet strongly and had one of the players hit a straight on the river to lose big pots. You don't lose money on bad hands -- it's the strong ones that do you in.

I'm not going to complain erm, at least not any more than I have already as I've been pretty lucky lately. Tournaments are up and down and you have to be willing to play for the long run.

Above: The Poker Room at Harrah's St. Louis.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Looks like a nice place. Sorry you didn't win big. Maybe next time!

  2. Kinda a relief not to have to extol your virtues again. :)

  3. Bernard Lee, yeah...who'd guess there are any poker players in Mass.

  4. Yep they can be the death of you. Of course the lack of good hands ain't real good either. Sorry Mojo, get em next time.

  5. That's the thing - I've thought about that before and this may very well end up in my blog sometime. When you make money off of your good hands it's usually because you beat a really good '2nd best' hand...